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Hungarian Website & Mobile App Localization (Homepage Localization)

Website localization means a translation process that fully considers user aspects and manages the website as software.

Publishing websites in a foreign language requires more than just translating the text content. The peculiar search and buying behavior of the respective culture should also be taken into account. Marketing texts require knowledge of the natural language usage of native speakers who know current colloquialisms.

In addition, it is necessary to translate all text parts, headings, labels and commands visible to the logged-in user. We translate your website even if it is only available as HTML, PHP, XML files and as data sets; all machine codes are preserved.

Hungarian Software Localization

By software localization we mean the translation of user interfaces, which takes into account both the conventions of the language and the principles of user-friendliness.

Translation of language files such as PO, MO files. Thanks to years of experience in creating educational materials in the fields of web, online marketing and DTP, we have mastered conventional and user-friendly software terminology in Hungarian, German and English.

Hungarian SEO Translation

SEO translation is a translation process aimed at optimizing the position of the website in search engines and advertising systems.

When writing the text content of a website, user-friendliness has priority over content; the maxim is to present the right content at the right time in the right form. However, it is also important that the site is liked not only by users, but also by search engines, so that the former find it in the first place. This is not so much about the content and order of the texts, but if we have a choice, it is worth putting keywords in higher-ranking markups and in the order right at the front. Whether we are talking about metatags, structured data, body text or headings, the most important is always at the top left, and the least important at the bottom right.

Thanks to studies and decades of experience, the translation agency translation agency is also an expert in the field of search engine optimization of websites. We translate your text-containing PHP, HTML and SQL documents with code fragments preserved - and always with metatags in mind. Even if you run a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal website, you can entrust us with the maintenance of your content.

We take care of the creation (PHP, WordPress, Joomla) and search engine optimization of multilingual websites.

Hungarian search marketing, online advertising translation (Google AdWords, Ads)

Search marketing means the holistic optimization of a web presence with the aim of making a product, a service accessible to as many Internet users as possible, primarily through paid advertisements.

You can spend a fortune on Google AdWords (or more recently Ads) ads, but this is only worthwhile if the texts appearing in hit lists or banners grab the attention - the attention of the right clientele. This is about more than just increasing visitor traffic. It is not a goal to bring masses of people to the site who will never buy anything (but click off the ads budget).

Global Market

On May 10, 2020, the text content of the Worldwide Web was 59.7% English, 8.6% Russian, 4% Spanish and 2.8% German (source:

Since your webshop is a player on the global market, it is worth translating at least the frontend into English. This way, purchases can be multiplied dramatically. If you take over texts from other webshops, you produce duplicate content (bad in the eyes of Google). On the other hand, hire a translation agency to translate bundled texts, article descriptions, provide "fresh" content in the theme. However, even a resident who does not speak the language of the country will initially search in English, but is more likely to make a purchase if the service (conclusion of the contract) is in a language he understands.

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