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Hungarian Website & Mobile App Localisation (Homepage Localisation)

Localisation is the translation of websites and software, taking into account usability and local conditions.

Marketing translation is a translation task that requires the use of natural language, in-depth knowledge of the vernacular and literary language, and a great deal of creativity. The creation of foreign language versions of websites also requires a great deal of care and technical knowledge, as the search habits of the culture in question must be taken into account.

In many cases, all text, labels, buttons, commands and tooltips visible in the admin area need to be translated, as well as the text content of meta tags and micro data. We translate websites available as HTML, PHP, XML, JavaScript files and database records (SQL) (retaining all machine code), as well as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites.

Hungarian Software Localisation

Software localisation is the translation of software user interfaces, taking into account both the conventions of the given IT language and the usability principles of the interfaces. We translate PO, MO files with care. We are familiar with user-friendly and conventional software terminology in Hungarian, German and English.

Hungarian SEO Translation

As a matter of principle, we don't write for search engines; the priority when writing web pages is usability: presenting content at the time, place and form the user expects. But of course, for our users to like our website, they first need to find it, so we also need to please the search engines. Whether it is meta tags, structured data (microdata), chapter headings, paragraph headings, link text - it is equally true that what is at the top left is the most important, what is at the bottom right is the least important.

Our translation agency has over a decade of experience in search engine optimisation, copywriting and search engine marketing. We provide trilingual management of your PHP and SQL file sites or WordPress, Joomla content managers.

We also undertake the creation, multilingual publishing and optimisation of such sites. You can submit your requirements using the enquiry form above, please provide as much detail as possible.

Hungarian Search Marketing, Online Advertising Translation (Google AdWords, Ads)

Search marketing also includes the use of online advertising systems to get as many people as possible to learn about or use our products and services.

Google Ads is the tech giant's advertising system for displaying paid ads in the most prominent places on Search (the search engine). You can spend a fortune on Ads, but it only pays off if you get the right audience. The aim is not to drive users to your site who will bounce off your spending budget but not convert into customers.

Global Market

On 01 August 2023, 54% of websites were in English and 4.4% in German (source:

If you run an online shop, you should publish your content in English at least, but in this part of the world also in German, as you can reach a much wider audience for a relatively small investment. Even better, if you have your email templates and videos in multiple languages, you can translate your newsletters. You can also copy and paste text from other websites to showcase new products, but if you write or post fresh content, you can also achieve higher rankings in organic search engine results with little investment.

Most foreign visitors will start their search with English or German terms and are more likely to become (repeat) customers of a website that is served in a language they understand.

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