About our translation agency


The predecessor in law of fordítóiroda Official Translations Ltd. was established late 2009 with the cooperation of translators and interpreters with decades of experience. We are a Hungarian registered company based in Budapest. From the very beginning, our business model has been based on the trinity of Reasonable Price - Quality - Availability.

Development and expansion

Over the years, we have built up our freelance pool; today, we provide Hungarian, English and German translation and interpreting services to around 10 translators and interpreters. Since 2017, we have standardized the use of MemoQ translation support software, and we maintain our shared terminology database. Our freelance colleagues have continued to develop their professional skills. Since the mid-2010s, we have been receiving enquiries about our media translation and copywriting services. Since 2019, we have been using exclusively the electronic invoicing system of szamlazz.hu. Since 2020, we have also been producing official translations as electronically signed PDFs that comply with EU and Hungarian law. In 2021, we introduced the possibility of online credit card payment.


We specialise in legal, administrative and technical texts, but we also undertake economic and medical texts. Our translators have the necessary academic qualifications to work in all official and administrative situations.

Our certified translations have always been accepted by the authorities and agencies, and our court translations have never been challenged.

We have been endorsing our official translations (certificates, birth certificates, official documents) since the early 2010s. Our certified translations have so far been accepted by all authorities and offices and have not been challenged in any proceedings.

In the first year of the COVID epidemic, we introduced the issuance of electronically signed e-certificated documents, in compliance with EU regulations and Hungarian law (figure). We issue an e-certificated document certified by the qualified service provider NETLOCK, which complies with the EU eIDAS Regulation and the Hungarian e-Administration Act.

Our speciality is media translation: we translate, edit and export texts in graphic and audiovisual products in any format. We also provide printing services for your printed materials and content management and search engine marketing for your German-English website.

Since the beginning, we have also provided Hungarian-German interpreting services for conferences, public authorities, courts, legal and business meetings, events, training; live and, since 2015, also through distance interpreting.

Customers said

Thank you for the extremely thorough translation. S. Veronika, 2016
I am completely satisfied with the proofreading, (and the promptness). Zoltán B., 2013
Thank you very much, it arrived. The translation turned out great! Léna Sz., 2017

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