About our translation agency


The translation agency translation agency was established late 2009 with the cooperation of translators and interpreters with decades of experience. We are a Hungarian registered company based in Budapest. From the very beginning, our business model has been based on the trinity of Reasonable Price - Quality - Availability.

Development and expansion

Over the years we have expanded our freelancer pool; today we provide 25 translators and interpreters with Hungarian-English and Hungarian-German translation and interpreting assignments. We have established the use of MemoQ translation software and the regular maintenance of our terminology database. We have continuously expanded the software and other skills of our staff (film translation, (tour guiding, conference interpreting). Due to the requests, we started to offer media translation, then also copywriting and online marketing activities as a service.

Nevertheless, we have remained an office of manageable size, as this allows us to offer unbureaucratic and cost-effective solutions to most requests. We save the cost of a server, project management software and an in-house IT specialist, and we also do all our marketing in-house. Compared to individual translators, however, we can take on larger (and/or urgent) jobs while keeping terminology consistent and quality the same.


A considerable part of professional translation and interpreting orders come from the field of law, because on the one hand it requires precise translation, and on the other hand because professional translation is required by law in many places (police interrogation, court hearings, notarial certification, legal acts at the Youth Welfare Office, Registry Office, Immigration Office, etc). The employees of our translation agency have the necessary university degrees to translate and interpret in all situations. Our certified translations are accepted by Austrian, German and British authorities and offices, our interpretation or translation of submissions to courts have never been challenged. In addition, we recommend ourselves in the fields of technology (primarily IT), commerce (business, marketing) and medicine (sports, life sciences).

Since 2020, our translation agency also provides e-certified translations. The share of electronic processing has been growing for years; by the way, the Hungarian state can also boast of up-to-date systems in this field (customer portal, company portal). In the year of COVID we have decided to offer, as an alternative to our traditional printed documents with clauses electronically signed documents certified by a qualified service provider, in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation of the European Union and the Hungarian Eüt. Act, we have decided to issue e-certified documents

Our specialty is media translation: the translation and replacement of text in audiovisual and graphic products. We translate and localize websites and software, translate and subtitle videos, and we translate, edit and format print products.

We also handle printing, depending on the agreed budget. We can also help with content maintenance and search engine optimization of your multilingual websites.

In German, in addition to translation and online marketing, we also offer interpretation and city tours. We work precisely and with short deadlines (even on weekends). We set the prices in advance and specify the gross prices to be paid.

Customers said

Thank you for the extremely thorough translation of the texts given so far. Veronika S., 2016
(German-Hungarian translation)
I am completely satisfied with the proofreading, not to mention the promptness. B. Zoltán, 2013
(German proofreading)
Thank you very much, it arrived. The translation turned out great! Sz. Léna, 2017
(Hungarian-German translation)
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