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Hungarian Video Translation (Movie Translation)

Without internet videos, we can no longer imagine not only social media but also our lives. Whether old, young, wealthy or poor, social media has sucked everyone in already in the text era. And this has only intensified with the video revolution.

But what's the reason why we can't get away from facebook Watch and YouTube? For one thing, professional content providers are increasingly focusing on the internet rather than print media and television, which are considered dead. On the other hand, more and more talented amateurs are also producing content that is filtered and ranked by an ever-increasing number of people, with every interaction. Finally, video-sharing and social media sites are gathering information from a wide range of data sources, and are becoming more and more precise in determining our interests, in order to display them according to the time of day, i.e. according to our weekly and daily rhythms, in order to maximise user engagement. It is also interesting to note that advertising according to individual interests does not distract the user to the same extent as in the case of legacy media.

The rise of the moving image has also been facilitated by the automatic voice-over or subtitling of video in the user's system language. Video captioning is the complement to video translation by means of deletion and export to a format readable by video players.

Hungarian transcription

If no subtitles are available for the text in the video, the first step is to transcribe it. This way, you can have the original text if you wish, with the advantage that you can also provide the content to native-speaking hearing-impaired viewers, but also to those who, for example, run the video on Facebook silently for a few seconds to decide whether they are interested or are in a situation where they can only watch it without sound.

Hungarian video subtitling (film subtitling)

The transcript is translated by our specialist translator, making sure that the lines do not exceed the standard length - in questionable cases, the shorter version is usually chosen. He then uses a subtitling software to determine the time at which the subtitles will appear, trying to keep them roughly in sync with what is being said, but also allowing enough time to read everything. Music and meaningful sound effects should also be marked. Once exported, a file is produced from which the video playback software reads out the subtitles and displays or removes them at the right moment.

Subtitling is good if the text is smooth and the viewer can read all subtitles. Video captioners have a sixth sense for always delivering information at a digestible pace - even smoothing out fluctuations in the information density of live speech.

Hungarian Voice-over

We undertake the narration, voice-over recording and post-production of any documentary or educational film. If required, as a separate soundtrack or mixed with the original sound. We always use a native speaker for voice-overs (e.g. a native Hungarian speaker for the Hungarian soundtrack).

Global market

On 10 October 2021, 63% of websites were in English and 2% in German (source: It is therefore worth publishing your text content in at least English, but in this part of the world also in German, to reach significantly more people for a relatively small investment. By comparison, the percentage of Hungarian-language websites is 0.1%. English is the mother tongue of 350 ~ 400 million people worldwide and a foreign language spoken by half a billion ~ 2 billion more. But with 130 million native speakers and 290 million more language users, German has nothing to be ashamed of.

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