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Hungarian Video Translation (Movie Translation)

As of May 10, 2020, the text content of the Worldwide Web was 59.7% English, 8.6% Russian, 4% Spanish, and 2.8% German (source: https://w3techs.com). Publish your text content and videos in multiple languages, and you can multiply your traffic and sales with relatively little effort. English is the native language of 350 to 400 million people, and another half to two billion people speak it as a foreign language. Unfortunately, Hungarians' foreign language skills leave much to be desired; in 2012, 65% of speakers of this island language said they knew no foreign language at all. (Otherwise, English at 16% and German at 11% are the most popular languages).

Today, it is impossible to imagine social media without video. The triumph of video and the spoken word is catalyzed by the fact that facebook and Google have more and more data sources at their disposal for accurately determining user interest. Videos automatically start speaking in the right language or at least appear with the right subtitles. If a YouTube or facebook Watch video has Hungarian audio or subtitles embedded, it will automatically launch with Hungarian audio / subtitles in all browsers and apps with Hungarian language setting.

Hungarian transcription

If there is no transcript of the text spoken in the video, it will be typed (transcription) in the first step. This way you can also use the original to provide more information to the hearing impaired and those who, for example, on facebook Watch videos run mute for a few seconds to decide if it interests them./p>

Hungarian video subtitling (movie subtitling)

The transcript is then translated by our expert translator, with care for the right line lengths - if in doubt, he takes the shorter version. Finally, he adds time codes to the segments in a special subtitling program - the result is a file from which video players read the subtitles and display them at the right time. The viewer should be able to read all the text and yet not miss any image - effortless reading is required. Authors of video subtitles have a sixth sense of the pace at which they should deliver information and compensate for fluctuations in the amount of information provided by authentic voice-over texts.

Hungarian Voice over

We handle the recording and post-production of original sound for videos, educational films, documentaries, translated interviews and animations. According to your wishes, we provide separate sound tracks or mix the speech with the original sound track. The narrator can be Hungarian, German or English speaking, but in any case a native speaker.

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