Frequently asked questions

1. Why choose the translation agency translation agency?

Degrees, work experience, stays abroad. The employees of the translation agency firma have university degrees in translation and/or interpreting (as well as other degrees and work experience), decades of work experience and residence in the language area. We create a common work platform, build our common terminology database, and correct each other according to the four-eyes principle.

Thanks to the family atmosphere of our translation agency, each client receives personal attention; friendliness is one of the keys to success in this competitive industry. Many customers highlight our precise work.

2. On which languages do you work?

We provide translation, proofreading and media translation services in Hungarian, German and English.

We also provide interpreting, tour guiding and copywriting services in Hungarian and German.

3. Where are these certifications valid?

Both claused printed and e-certified documents have been accepted by all Austrian, German authorities, offices and courts to date, and have never been rejected or their content questioned. Electronically signed (e-certified) private documents with evidential value have the same legal effect as manually signed, stamped documents, and all authorities in the territory of the European Union are required to accept them. Of course, we only certify that we have done the translation and that the original and translation match.

4. Are additional stamps required beyond the certification of the translation?

Not abroad. Not in Hungary either, but you can have the OFFI certify the translation of our translation agency. In this way, it is stamped by the State Translation Office, signed by its employee (confirming that the content of the translation corresponds to that of the original document). If it is necessary, you can entrust the whole translation to OFFI.

5. Can we visit the office for immediate translation or telephone interpretation?

Please be sure to announce your coming. After making an appointment by phone, we will be happy to receive you in our office in the 19th district Budapest ».

6. What is a preliminary invoice?

In many industries where payment is made in advance, the issuance of a provisional invoice has been common practice for years - however, this was not official in the past.

In 2019,, the largest invoicing system in Hungary was extended with this feature. This platform can be used only by real companies with public data.

The customer receives from an address of the scheme a link with the beginning to the invoice. The invoice contains the bank details. The customer transfers the amount. We prepare the translation, the customer receives it by e-mail or by mail. Finally, with a few clicks, the preliminary invoice can be transformed into a final invoice - which the parties also receive by e-mail.

This increases consumer trust for online services and thus boosts commerce.

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