Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a translation cost?

The price of a translation depends on the length of the document, the language direction, the language specialisation, whether you need a hard copy (if and where to send it by post) and whether you need an e-document. Prices for certificates, birth certificates and other forms can be found on the official documents price list. To find out the price of your other documents, use the calculators on the



technical or

other translation

You can request a quote immediately after the calculation. You can also simply send us your material by e-mail, indicating the deadline.

2. When will the translation be ready?

The turnaround time depends on the length of the document(s), the technical nature of the document(s) and the current workload in our office. 1 translator can usually handle 7-8 pages per day.

3. It has to be official, do you do that?

Of course, our official translations have been accepted by all foreign authorities and agencies. It is up to you to decide whether you need a printed, certified form (on paper) or whether an electronically signed document (PDF via email) is also suitable. The latter can be verified using AcrobatReader and online validators and is accepted throughout the EU. If in doubt, ask your caseworker, as more and more cases allow you to submit your documents electronically.

4. It needs to be certified, do you do that?

If the document is needed abroad, we do it because our official translations meet Western European standards. They are accepted by all authorities and agencies.

If a Hungarian authority or agency requires a specifically "authentic" ["hiteles", literally: "trustworthy"] translation, it must either be done at the translation bureau of the Hungarian State OFFI or, if it has been done by another translation agency, it must be certified by the OFFI. According to Article 5 of MT Decree 24/1986 (26.VI.) on translation and interpreting, "only the National Translation and Translation Certification Office may issue authentic translations, translation certifications and certified foreign-language copies, unless otherwise provided by law".

5. Should I choose a paper or electronic official translation?

Check with the authority to see if they accept electronically signed PDFs via email or a document upload website. More and more offices are accepting it in more and more cases (because it is tamper-proof compared to paper certification). Not only does it save postage (or a trip) to the translation agency, but it also saves trips to the office and waiting time. Electronic case processing has gained a lot of momentum with the COVID epidemic.

6. Can I bring / collect my documents in person?

You can bring your documents to our office in District 19. Budapest during working hours by appointment. You can also come in person to collect the completed translation. Prior agreement required.

7. How can I pay?

By bank transfer or - by prior arrangement - cash in our office, in Forint, Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound or US Dollar.

8. Why do I have to pay in advance?

For orders over 500 EUR [550 USD or 390 GBP] we offer the option to pay in instalments. For orders under 500 EUR we ask you to pay in advance. This is because most of our customers live abroad or are in the process of moving. However, our company, our premises, our website and our bank account are not going anywhere.

9. What is a pro forma invoice?

A Proforma Invoice is a preliminary invoice containing the seller's (service provider's) company details, bank account number, client details and the service ordered. It is usually requested by our corporate clients as it is the only way their accounts department can make an advance payment, but we are happy to issue it to anyone.

The invoice is sent to our client's e-mail address via the invoicing system, which complies with current legislation, so you can be sure that it comes from a real company. Once the translation/interpretation has been delivered, it only takes a few clicks to convert the fee request into a final invoice.

11. Why should I choose this particular agency?

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