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What characterizes convincing texts?

First of all, it is important not to strain the reader's mind. The most important feature of good texts is its fluidity. It does not scare away interested parties at all, presents the advantages of the product/service and creates trust towards the provider. The prospect should quickly learn what he would get, under what conditions and what he has to do for it.

The right positioning is crucial: the text appearing at the right time in the right place answers real questions, offers solutions to actual needs. The length of the text should also correspond exactly to the situational attention. It should run a dramaturgical arc, the sentences should pass the baton to each other, and it should lead somewhere. Interesting twists and turns should also jolt the reader awake.

Who are we writing to?

In 2020, the main surface for any information communication is the Internet, which is also primarily viewed on mobile devices. We are mostly commissioned to write texts for websites, because they are meant to be used for a longer period of time. Industry, trade, service providers, organizations - our clients come from a wide range of industries. Where budget allows, they also entrust us with other texts of their online presence, such as blog posts, posts and tweets, online ads (Google Ads).

Thanks to sophisticated tracking techniques, today everyone automatically gets what they are interested in. Everyone's expertise has deepened. The copywriter must actually always assume an informed and critical audience that expects up-to-date expert knowledge. Writing requires a lot of research, craftsmanship and wit.

Why hire outsiders for copywriting?

For the same reason that almost everything should be entrusted to experts. Our copywriters produce texts in 3 languages like clockwork. Fast and precise formulation is their core competence, whatever the content and form.

Whatever you offer to your clients, they will know the products of your rivals. Who they ultimately trust depends on many factors. However, your gut feeling about a website is fundamentally determined by whether it delivers the right solutions at the right time. That's why you must only build on a well thought-out structure. Which style is best depends on the industry, the client, the situation. In any case, determining style and structure are important parts of a well thought-out concept.

Our professional copywriters have a lot of experience from research to execution, in short, they know their craft.

Composing original texts in Hungarian

Our way of working

The first step is a consultation - we get to know our client, evaluate to whom he offers what. What his end customers really want and in what style we communicate it best? In what situation they encounter the particular medium and what previous knowledge they have? How are they attracted by rivals?

On the basis of all this, we draw up a concept, which already includes in keywords all the paragraphs of the respective media product. Then, with the client's guidelines in mind, the texts are written, if necessary in several formats for different media (blog / newsletter / post / status update / tweet) and handed over for approval. Finally, the texts are corrected according to the customer's wishes, because, as we all know, the customer is king.

The "fresh eye" can also do a good job if your texts are already available. We not only correct and proofread, but we also check and add where necessary. Of course, the customer has the last word. We rewrite all texts from scratch, we even rewrite them several times with the involvement of two copywriters. In doing so, we optimize the information density and give the text flow a dramaturgical arc. Because the text is truly like a river: it starts somewhere and ends somewhere else.

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