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What makes a persuasive text?

First of all, it does not break the reader's head. It is natural, it does not scare them away, it reaffirms their trust. It tells them what product/service they can get, on what terms, and what they have to do to get it.

Positioning is key: getting it where and when the user is ready to engage. The length of the text must also be appropriate to the situation in which the user encounters it. Ideally, sentences and paragraphs should feed off each other, and the text should lead to the part of the web page where the conversion takes place. By conversion, online marketers mean the event when a visitor becomes (converts to) a prospect or customer. The most typical conversion is submitting a form (which can be an enquiry, a purchase, a subscription), but an important conversion can also be pressing a phone or email button on a page (enquiries).

Who are we writing to?

As most new copy is published online, we are often asked to write copy for websites. Where budgets allow, we are also asked to write other types of copy for their online presence: blog posts, tweets, campaign pages, podcasts.

Thanks to user-centred information, people today have a much deeper knowledge of not only their work, but also their leisure interests. So writing today requires not only excellent writing skills, deep expertise or research, but also a bit of magic.

Why hire outsiders to write copy?

For the same reason that tiling is best left to a tiler. We produce texts in 3 languages like on an assembly line. The most important skill of our translators and interpreters is fast and accurate drafting. We are intellectual omnivores and can deal with a wide variety of communication situations, both oral and written.

Whatever you offer your customers, they will also be aware of your competitors' products and services. A user's gut feeling about your site is fundamentally determined by whether your site (or mobile app) delivers what they expect, when and where they expect it. This is why the basic concept of the media product, a well thought-out structure and, of course, content appropriate to the industry, target audience and display situation are so important.

Our agency has extensive experience from concept to detailed implementation.

Copywriting of original Hungarian texts

Our workflow

Our first step is always to get to know our clients' businesses, products and users, what they really want and how to communicate with them. The efforts of your competitors can also provide important input.

The result of our research is a concept paper outlining the content of the website pages. After consultation, we develop the text of the pages down to paragraph level for the specific objectives. This is followed by copywriting based on the client's guidelines.

This is followed by the creation of the concept for other platforms such as social media or search engine advertising and, of course, the rewriting of the texts in the appropriate formats (posts, tweets, banners). If your client prefers to write their own copy, or already has copy, a fresh set of eyes can still be very helpful. We don't just look at it, we ask questions, correct and add where necessary. Over the years, not only can the range of products and services change, but so can the clientele and, in particular, their reception habits. It is therefore worth not only rewriting but also rethinking everything on a regular basis. Of course, the customer always has the last word. We optimise the information density and give the text its flow. After all, a text is like a river: it comes from somewhere and it ends up somewhere.

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