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Certification translation with official clause

Translations of certificates

Translations of certificates may be needed by all job seekers and by people involved in various official, administrative and sometimes judicial proceedings. If we include birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as moral certificates, we are faced with perhaps the most common need for translation among the mass influx to the West.

Will it be accepted?

If you have been asked by a Hungarian authority for a so-called "hiteles" [literally "credible"] translation, only OFFI, the Hungarian State Translation Office, can help. In other European Countries, however, there is no similar monopoly translation agency; officials only make sure that the translations submitted come from a translation agency. Our official translations have so far been accepted by all foreign offices, authorities and employers.

Should I choose a printed document or an e-document?

If you are in contact with the authority or office on paper or in person, you can request a printed translation of your certificate (stamp, signature). If you are working electronically, we recommend an eIDAS and e-Administration Act-compliant document with an electronic stamp and electronic signature (e-certified). If time constraints prevent you from checking back whether the official prefers a paper or electronic document, we can produce both for a small extra charge.

Outstanding speed

We can produce school certificates, certificates of good conduct and birth certificates up to a few pages in most cases on the day of order, often within hours. There are also work streams on weekends.



High-quality translation

We work in accordance with the substantive and formal requirements of legal translation. We translate the names of institutions, laws, job titles, and the accuracy of the data with due diligence, and we take prompt action in the event of a dispute. The perfect appearance of the certificate translations ensures that you can look for a job or assert your interests with the necessary seriousness.

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3When you proceed electronically with authorities. Electronically signed documents permanently prove who created them and that they have not been altered.

4If you go to the authorities by mail or in person. The official clause proves that the translation was made in a translation agency, by professional translators.

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Order process

  1. Fill in the application form above! Our reply will usually arrive within 1-2 hours to the submitted email address.
  2. If you accept our offer, please write back to us!
  3. Orders under 400,- € have to be paid in advance. Over 400,- € the first half is due before the work starts. Orders over 2.500 € can be paid in several rates.
  4. The deadline indicated in the offer is calculated from the date of receipt of the payment or from the date of sending the payment confirmation.
  5. We translate your documents and email or post them together with the final invoice. You can also pick up your documents at our office in Kispest by appointment.
  6. In the case of payment by instalments, the final payment is due within 8 calendar days of the delivery of the work.

Certified Hungarian Translation Prices1

Quantity discount:

for 3 items 4%, for 4 items 6%, for 5 items 8%, for 6 items 10%, for 7+ items: 12% on the entire order

E-certified document Printed, with clause E-certified document and 1 printed copy with clause
Official certificate of good conduct (criminal record extract) EUR EUR EUR
Birth, marriage, death certificate EUR EUR EUR
Elementary school, technical school and high school yearly certificate EUR EUR EUR
Machine driver licence EUR EUR EUR
Vocational school / training certificate EUR EUR EUR
High school diploma EUR EUR EUR
Diploma Supplements e.g. advanced level subject / language exam EUR EUR EUR
Proof of student status
certificates of employment
Annual report of a college, university EUR EUR EUR
College, university, doctoral diploma EUR EUR EUR
Real estate title deed EUR EUR EUR
Identity card, address card, driving license EUR EUR EUR
Extensive master sheets, "notes" in certificates or licences, etc. EUR

1For each order, the translation fee of at least one average page will be charged. The prices shown are the gross prices payable, which includes the cost of the clause and postage for domestic shipping. Cost of foreign shipping: AT: DE, CH: UK: US: EUR + EUR / page. Payment by invoice (on request after sending a proforma invoice) by bank transfer or cash. Delivery by e-mail, mail or personally in our office in Budapest. You pay us what is stated in the offer (no subsequent calculation).

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