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English-Hungarian Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the set of measures taken to achieve the best possible ranking of pages in search engine results when relevant keywords are entered. While a website can be created in a matter of weeks, optimisation is an annual series of tasks and is never really 'finished'.

English-Hungarian Keyword Analysis

We record how each of your keywords rank and how they compete. We also find out which other terms are attracting buyers - or at least visitors. Per language and region. The keywords are used to create the SEO concept for all further steps.

Writing of English and Hungarian web texts

Once the optimal site structure has been determined, we can start writing the copy. In a series of interviews, we ask our clients questions that will satisfy both interested users and search engines. The final content of a website is a compromise between useful content (your statements and the requirements of the visitors) and readability by search engines. Learn more

Apart from the visible content, websites contain numerous hidden elements that influence the search engine ranking (meta tags, alt tags, file and folder names) or the presentation in the hit lists (structured data) or the appearance in social media (SM meta tags).

English-Hungarian link building

Serious websites are usually mentioned here and there, but if the number of visits does not confirm the interest derived from the number of links, search engines will know that artificial linkbuilding must have taken place. That's why you should be careful with link building. A naturally grown link structure, links on relevant websites that are also used, are important indicators of a popular, i.e. useful website.

English-Hungarian Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Ads campaigns

Have you ever done the following? You were interested in a certain product, did a little research (or simply told someone in an email about your need), and then for days you saw the same and similar products not only on numerous websites, but also on social media and in smartphone apps. Behind the scenes is Ads (formerly AdWords), Google's sophisticated remarketing system. Its business clients' ads can appear in two ways:

The potential customer is "bombarded" with various forms of advertising over a period of weeks in order to encourage him to visit the site. The number of clicks and resulting purchases can be accurately tracked. The use of Google Ads can be very costly, so having in-depth knowledge is a great advantage.

We can take care of the promotion of your websites, products with paid advertisements, the design of banner series and trilingual campaigns (Hungarian-German-English).

English-Hungarian Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Websites that find a way to be known, recommended and visited by more and more people prove to be really effective.

It pays to provide content that people are interested in - even if this interest does not lead to a purchase, it will improve visit times or bounce rates (and these are important indicators of quality). The point is that it answers a mass interest. If it is of good quality, people will voluntarily recommend it to their friends - although we also can help.

online marketing zyklus

The ideal complement to a good website is a social media profile (on Facebook: company profile). Users who join as friends or followers become accessible and, more importantly, their friends become accessible through recommendations. People who are in contact with each other are interested in similar topics due to similarities in location, social status and education. They do new things, develop new habits in groups, which in turn leads to the creation of new social media groups. On your Facebook page, you can also post regular updates; their followers will continue to build your content - and your audience.

Facebook can add paid advertising to its users' feeds - and more recently to Messenger and Facebook Watch. The social media giant knows a lot about its users, so it can target them based on their age, gender, location and myriad preferences, whether consciously or unconsciously communicated. Finally, Marketplace can be seen as the social media rebirth of e-bay. Since Facebook has already copied so much (instant messaging, voice and video over IP, video sharing, questionnaires, online auctions and shopping) and combined it with the power of group sharing, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

On request, we can set up your company's Facebook or Twitter profile and link it to your website. Depending on seasonal interest, we will write your texts and publish them in different lengths on different platforms (blog, newsletter, post, tweet) in up to three languages.

Traffic monitoring

Analytics is Google's comprehensive web analysis system. Even with the free version of the software, we can measure the number of visitors, their gender, age and geographical distribution, track their behaviour before and after arriving at the site and learn about their requirements in order to fine-tune our web project. We can quantify which keywords bring visitors - and which bring buyers. In the longer term, we can track which efforts actually improve the bottom line and which do not.

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