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Certified translations

The official clause

The clause is a text attached to official translations, in which the translation agency declares that the translation has been done by a professional translator and that the content is identical to the original.

certified hungarian translation

E-certified document

An electronically signed or e-certified document contains a similar clause to the printed document, but only has evidential value in electronic form. When such a PDF is opened in Adobe AcrobatReader or an online validator (see DSS or RTR), a third-party trust service provider confirms that the document was issued by our translation agency:

e-certified translation

Our printed and electronically signed translations are accepted by all foreign authorities, agencies, companies and organisations. E-certified (eIDAS-confom) documents must be accepted as issued by us by offices and authorities throughout the EU. A special situation is in Hungary, where many government agencies insist that the documents submitted must be translated by OFFI, the Hungarian government's translation agency. However, sometimes the requirement is simply that the material comes from a translation agency - ask if you can submit an official translation from a private translation agency.

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1If you send us the material to be translated, we can give you a better price because we can take repetitions into account!

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3When you deal with authorities electronically. E-signed documents permaprovide a permanent record of who created them and that they have not been altered.

4When you deal with the authorities by post or in person. The stamped and countersigned clause proves that the translation was done in a translation agency, by professional translators.

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Order process

  1. Fill in the order form above! You will usually receive our reply within 1-2 hours at the email address provided.
  2. If you accept our offer, please write back to us!
  3. Orders under €500 must be paid in advance. Over €500, the first half is due before work begins. Orders over €2,000 can be paid in several instalments.
  4. The deadline stated in the quote is calculated from the date of receipt of payment or from the date of sending the confirmation of payment.
  5. We will translate your documents and send them to you by email or post together with the final invoice. You can also collect your documents from our office in Kispest by appointment.
  6. In the case of payment by instalments, the final payment is due within 8 calendar days of delivery of the work.

Certified Hungarian Translation Prices1

signed document
Signed, stamped
printed document
E-signed +
printed document
Certificate of good conduct EUR EUR EUR
Birth, marriage & death certificate EUR EUR EUR
Annual report primary school
& grammar school
Annual report vocational schools EUR EUR EUR
Final certificate grammar school &
Vocational schools (without specialised modules)
Final certificate from vocational schools
(with subject modules)
Supplements to certificates:
Advanced course, language examination
Proof of student status
Employer certificate
Annual certificate from university EUR EUR EUR
College & university diploma,
doctoral certificate
Machine driving licence EUR EUR EUR
Extract from the land register
(up to 2 pages)
Identity card, address card,
(Hungarian) driving licence, tax number card
Master data sheets, "Notes" of
certificates, driving licences, etc.
Improvement of poor
image quality (DTP)

1A minimum of one average page will be charged for each order. The prices quoted are gross prices, which include the cost of the clause and postage for domestic delivery. Costs for international delivery: AT: DE, CH: UK: US: EUR + EUR / page. Payment by invoice (on request after sending a proforma invoice) by bank transfer or cash. Delivery by e-mail, post or in person at our office in Budapest. You pay us what is stated in the quote (no extra charges).

Quantity discount


Electronically signed

Printed documents &
Combined offers

2 items - 3 %
3 items 2 % 5 %
4 items 4 % 7 %
5 items 6 % 9 %
6 items 8 % 11 %
7 items 10 % 13 %
8 items 12 % 15 %
9 items 14 % 17 %
10+ items 16 % 19 %

When are certified translations needed?

Study abroad

Secondary school-leaving certificate, elementary school-leaving certificate, secondary modern school-leaving certificate, technical college or university entrance qualification (Maturity certificate), vocational training certificate, university or college diploma, language examination certificate, proof of an internship, birth certificate

Work abroad

Proof of a school-leaving certificate, vocational training or professional internship, official certificate of good conduct (criminal record certificate, extract from the criminal record), birth and marriage certificate

Company formation abroad, bank account opening

Certificate of incorporation, articles of association, company signature sheet, excerpt from the commercial register, income, tax and bank certificates, official certificate of good conduct (criminal record certificate, extract from the criminal record), power of attorney

Marriage abroad

Birth certificate, certificate of good conduct, proof of residence, marital status, final divorce decree

hungarian certified translation
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