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Certification with official clause

Certified translation with endorsement

On a certified translation, the translation agency notes that it is its work (with indication of company data, stamp and signature), and that the translation agrees in content with the attached original. On the top there is a short clause, and on the back there is an extended one, with the signature of the managing director. A similar clause is also included in e-certified documents, with the difference that they are not printed; they have their evidentiary effect only electronically (as a PDF). When the e-certified document is opened in Acrobat Reader, a qualified electronic signature service provider reports back that it was created by our translation agency.

certified hungarian translation

Our printed and e-certified translations have been accepted by all authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are required Union-wide to accept our e-certified documents as translated by us. A translation or certification from the OFFI (Hungarian National Office for Translation and Translation Certification) is only required for the most important documents such as intergovernmental contracts, diploma localization, civil registry entries. The legal status of the "sworn translator" common in the territory of Germany and Austria does not exist in Hungary; however, translators must have completed a relevant course of study.

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3When you proceed electronically with authorities. Electronically signed documents permanently prove who created them and that they have not been altered.

4If you go to the authorities by mail or in person. The official clause proves that the translation was made in a translation agency, by professional translators.

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Order process

  1. Fill in inquiry form and receive offer by e-mail within a few hours.
  2. Order the service with a reply e-mail.
  3. Orders under 400,- € have to be paid in advance. Over 400,- € the first half is due before the work starts. Orders over 2.500 € can be paid in several rates.
  4. In urgent cases send certificate from your bank (order confirmation, screenshot) so that we can start work. The deadline mentioned in the offer (e.g. 48 hours) starts from the moment we receive the amount or the proof of payment.
  5. We translate the document and send it by e-mail or by mail together with the invoice. Upon agreement, you can also receive your material in person at our office.
  6. In case of payment by two rates, the transfer of the second rate is due within 8 days after the delivery of the translated material.

Certified Hungarian Translation Prices1

E-certified document Printed, with clause E-certified document and 1 printed copy with clause
Elementary school, technical school and high school certificate EUR EUR EUR
Vocational school certificate EUR EUR EUR
High school diploma EUR EUR EUR
OKJ-certificate EUR EUR EUR
Proof of student status EUR EUR EUR
Annual report of a college, university EUR EUR EUR
College, university diploma EUR EUR EUR
Birth, marriage, death certificate EUR EUR EUR
Official certificate of good conduct (criminal record extract) EUR EUR EUR
Tax certificate EUR EUR EUR
Income certificate, proof of employment EUR EUR EUR
Real estate title deed Ft Ft Ft
Identity card EUR EUR EUR
Driving license EUR EUR EUR
Curriculum vitae, motivation letter Individual see Translation fees.
Decisions custody and alimony Individual see Translation fees.

1For each order, the translation fee of at least one average page will be charged. The prices shown are the gross prices payable, which includes the cost of the clause and postage for domestic shipping. Cost of foreign shipping: AT: DE, CH: UK: US: EUR + EUR / page. Payment by invoice (on request after sending a proforma invoice) by bank transfer or cash. Delivery by e-mail, mail or personally in our office in Budapest. You pay us what is stated in the offer (no subsequent calculation).

When are certified translations needed?

Study abroad

Secondary school leaving certificate, elementary school leaving certificate, secondary modern school leaving certificate, technical college or university entrance qualification (Maturity certificate), vocational training certificate, university or college diploma, language examination certificate, proof of an internship, birth certificate

Working abroad

Proof of a school leaving certificate, vocational training or professional internship, official certificate of good conduct (criminal record certificate, criminal record extract), birth and marriage certificate

Company formation abroad, bank account opening

Certificate of incorporation, articles of association, company signature sheet, excerpt from the commercial register, income, tax and bank certificates, official certificate of good conduct (criminal record certificate, excerpt from the criminal register), power of attorney

Marriage abroad

Birth certificate, certificate of good conduct, proof of residence, marital status, legally binding divorce decree

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