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1If you send us the material to be translated, we can give you a better price because we can take repetitions » into account!

2strokes = characters + spaces

3When you proceed electronically with authorities. Electronically signed documents permanently prove who created them and that they have not been altered.

4If you go to the authorities by mail or in person. The official clause proves that the translation was made in a translation agency, by professional translators.

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Order process

  1. Fill in inquiry form and receive offer by e-mail within a few hours.
  2. Order the service with a reply e-mail.
  3. Orders under 400,- € have to be paid in advance. Over 400,- € the first half is due before the work starts. Orders over 2.500 € can be paid in several rates.
  4. In urgent cases send certificate from your bank (order confirmation, screenshot) so that we can start work. The deadline mentioned in the offer (e.g. 48 hours) starts from the moment we receive the amount or the proof of payment.
  5. We translate the document and send it by e-mail or by mail together with the invoice. Upon agreement, you can also receive your material in person at our office.
  6. In case of payment by two rates, the transfer of the second rate is due within 8 days after the delivery of the translated material.

Basic prices1

1-8 pages / day
9+ pages / day
English - Hungarian translation EUR/stroke
ca. EUR/page2
ca. EUR/page2
Hungarian - English translation EUR/stroke
ca. EUR/page2
ca. EUR/page2


Specialized language: culture, tourism, marketing %
Technical language: diplomacy, IT, trade, business, service %
Specialized language: business, official document, caertificate, technology, industry, law, medicine %
Clause (printed, stamped document laced with the original) EUR + EUR/page
E-certified document (electronically signed PDF with time stamp) EUR + EUR/page
Porto (registered letter) depending on destination country and quantity - EUR
Transcription of audio material - % of the translation fee


Quantity discount over 100 / 300 / 500 thousand keystrokes
(equivalent to about 50 / 150 / 250 pages)
%   %   %
For study abroad students, job seekers, physically challenged people %

Proofreading, editing

Proofreading (linguistic review) % of the given translation price
Proofreading (linguistic and stylistic review) % of the given translation price

1The prices quoted are the gross prices to be paid. The actual offer may be more favorable than the unit price multiplied by the volume due to repetitions in the text, therefore we recommend sending the source material along. Delivery by e-mail, by mail or personally in the Budapest office. Postage of foreign shipments: AT: DE, CH: UK: US: EUR + EUR / page. Payment against official invoice (upon request, the invoice is prepared in advance) by bank transfer or cash. With us you pay what was in the offer (no subsequent calculation).

2As a basis for the above values, we have chosen a FULL PAGE WITH STROKES INCL. ALL CHARACTERS chosen. The fee of at least one average page is charged per order.

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Some of our clients

reference technical translation Audi Hungária Kft. Interpreting at lectures, translations
reference technical translation EQOS Energie Holding S.à r.l. Translations
reference technical translation CREATON GmbH Interpreting at lectures at Construma
reference technical translation Bokút-Terv Kft. Translation
reference technical translation Trost GmbH Technical translation
reference technical translation Eurosped Zrt. Translations
reference technical translation Műszer Automatika Cégcsoport Interpreting at negotiations
reference technical translation AvenDATA Research GmbH Translation, interpreting
reference technical translation TGW Mechanics GmbH Interpreting a training
reference European Trans Energy GmbH Interpreting to software agreements

Typical documents

Technical translation

Technical texts are e.g. operating instructions, operating instructions, assembly, maintenance, installation instructions, descriptions of work processes, also they can be parts of marketing or legal texts. Technical translation is the fastest growing segment within the global translation market. In the industry, company-specific words are created every day. In the case of technical translation, on the one hand, it is particularly important that on the part of the client an expert can answer the specific questions of the translation agency. On the other hand, without a translation memory with a word inventory in the five-digit range, it is no longer possible to submit a competitive offer.

It is also typical of technical translations that they cannot be translated without a basic understanding of the technical process involved. (Not like the majority of social science texts.) In technical translations there is no such thing as wishy-washy. Therefore, the technical translator should have some technical background: a technical degree or work experience.

A professional technical translation done by an expert translator is comprehensible even to target-language specialists, which prevents material damage and accidents.

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